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Allegro Navigator & CPDM Route Integration

Idea Description:

Today's Allegro QX is underwhelming in terms of being a field computer when compared to most modern smartphones. It lacks a critical feature of having a built in navigator with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the Allegro for directing field technicians to test point locations to ensure the most efficient routes are leveraged. Having a built in navigator (e.g. google maps), with the ability to integrate planned PCS-CPDM survey routes, would modernize the field computer for the 2021. It would be advantageous if the software would leverage real-time GPS tracking, with the ability to save recorded routes, to better identify routes that have inefficient planning.

Who Benefits:

These functionalities would provide benefits to service providers and owner operators. Service providers would have less ambiguity when directed to survey test points via planned survey routes, while having the ability to effectively coordinate and dispatch resources. Owner operators would benefit from having the ability to provide clear direction to the field technician as to the order/route in which the survey should be conducted while ensuring regulatory and sensitive area requirements are clear.

How it Should Work:

Design the survey route within PCS-CPDM with ability to overview the route via mapping or basic GIS software. Package the information in the survey route files sent to Allegro devices, and allow end users (field technicians) to have a basic GUI to overview the survey route, and navigator to guide them to the next test point for inspection (i.e. prevent scrolling through Allegro site list). Once survey is complete, re-package real-time GPS data into survey files & re-import into database for view of planned route vs actual route surveyed.

  • Paul Murray
  • Jul 27 2020
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