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Kinetic Influence Survey/Close Interval Survey (KIS/CIS)

The current Allegro only captures "ON/OFF" data under a specific interruption cycle that is fixed during a typical close interval survey (CIS).


Most times, there are foreign operators with different cathodic protection systems that are active.


The extent of the influence/interference can be unknown in some areas.


The Kinetic Influence Survey (KIS) would be performed during a CIS.


To accommodate the KIS, the allegro needs the ability to capture multiple P/S potentials after the main or "MASTER" interruption cycle.  This is performed by using a shorter interruption cycle that fits as a multiple inside the master interruption cycle.


For instance, let's say the master cycle is 10 seconds (8-sec ON / 2-sec OFF) and the secondary cycle is 5 seconds (4-sec ON / 1-sec OFF).  The primary company will operate on the shorter cycle and the companies of influence will operate on the longer interruption cycle.


In specifying the main 10 second interruption cycle, there are two other additional data points that can be gathered besides the MASTER "ON/OFF" P/S potentials.  The two other data points measure the influence of the primary company and the foreign company.


The idea would be to have the Allegro capture these data points do determine influence while traversing/moving (hence the Kinetic Label) along a pipeline.  


While collecting influence data along the line simultaneously while performing a CIS would save time and glean a more complete data set when trying to understand, quantify and address cathodic protection issues caused by foreign cathodic protection systems.


The KIS data would be plotted in the AI Conentric program along with the CIS data to provide a higher understanding the the cathodic protection of the asset and distribution of influence.


The KIS would be a more efficient method of influence because the influence study would be performed with the known CP systems interrupted.


In addition, the KIS could be used to aid in discovery of other foreign influencing cathodic protection systems.

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  • Feb 4 2019
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    Alex Rodriguez commented
    April 11, 2019 20:31


    This sounds like a very interesting idea. I would like to sync up with you via email to further discuss your idea. Anytime we can provide better data is interesting for us, and your solution sounds like it can kill two birds with one stone.  

    Thank you,

    -Alex R.

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