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New Facility and ROW association from field computer/ New facility sorting functionality from field computer

Please consider proposal for adding new facilities to existing survey from field computer. New facilities should become immediately associated to the ROW code when added from the field computer. When viewing new facilities in site list they should populate with the associated ROW code and milepost while still being denoted as a new facility. If this function cannot be implemented, I would like the sorting of new facilities to revert back to the functionality prior to the 6.0 Field computer update. Prior to the 6.0 Field computer update when adding a new facility from the field computer it would maintain its order within the normal sorting route. Since the 6.0 update this functionality has been lost. When adding a new facility it automatically pushes all new facilities to the bottom of the normal sorting route order. This limiting functionality causes problems and reduces efficiency for field technicians when validating their data from the field, especially when working with surveys containing multiple ROW’s and a large amounts of facilities.

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  • May 16 2018
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  • Gary Baulch commented
    17 May, 2018 12:34pm

    Great Idea! it will significantly improve the functionality. The new 6.0 update has caused us significant issues.

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