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Allegro GPS Accurate Within

We would like to see a feature added to the Allegro view. When you are taking a facility GPS shot there really isn't a way to see how accurate it might be. So what we think might be a solution is to have it display an "Accurate Within" like the old Garmin's had. At least that way you would have some kind of an idea about the quality of you GPS.    

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  • Nov 9 2018
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  • Raymond Brunner commented
    14 Jan, 2020 08:54pm

    If we could capture the PDOP (position dilution of precision) that would be quite helpful.

    (HDOP and VDOP would be a bonus)

  • Guest commented
    28 Nov, 2019 09:57am


  • David Gautier commented
    31 Jan, 2019 10:15pm

    Chris-- Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check with our developers to see if we could get something like this included in a future release.

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