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Route Name and Order column needs to populate when editing data based on facilities and running/viewing reports based on facilities

we run overall delinquency reports and exception reports for our entire division based on facilites– to verify sites haven’t fallen out of routes or mistakenly got removed, etc.  At this point the “Route Name and Order” column will verify if the active site is in a route or not.  This function worked in 7.5.1 and when we switched to 1.13 it was lost, as was many other things.

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  • May 24 2019
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    David Gautier commented
    21 Jun 22:13

    Thanks for the suggestion. That was actually a bug in PCS v7, but I can see how having insight into that status would be valuable. I'll be sure to consider this for a future release.

    In the interim, we included the capability to use ad hoc/permanent filters and custom layout themes in the Define Routes window. You can narrow your list of facilities down to subsets that likely aren't included in routes by filtering on fields like Days Until Delinquent is less than 90. Once your list of available facilities has been filtered, the color-coding can highlight those points that are in their grace perioid and not contained in any routes.

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