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User defined hierarchy options - sorting, grouping, optional folder level increase

As the PCS hierarchy sorting option is "hard-coded" to alpha numeric, this can be very difficult to work with when asset names/codes are not labeled in an alpha numeric manner in order of flow. A user defined sorting method would resolve this.

It's a common occurrence that multiple valve sections for a multi-pipe corridor, facilities and any lateral lines, etc are selected together. Outside of creating and maintaining a route, currently there is no option of saving multiple selections in a hierarchy for reuse. An option to store multi-select hierarchy nodes would be a benefit to reduce click time and errors.

An option to increase folder levels beyond 5 for specific folder structures, without impacting the number of levels in other folders would allow additional flexibility with hierarchy structuring. This is especially true with larger systems.

  • Rob Floria
  • Aug 25 2020
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