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Straightforward Most Recent Record Option under Edit CPDM Data Options

There should be a way to apply filters to only the most recent record domain of records within the edit CPDM data module. Version 7 used to allow for this. The option for "apply other filters to the most recent record within the report timeframe" is a very confusing option. Just have an option for "most recent record" which does not have the "within the report timeframe" qualifier. When filtering based of the "survey" attribute PCS does not allow for some filters to be applied ONLY to the most recent inspection record domain.

Here is an example of the filtering behavior that is missing from edit CPDM module-

  • Select option for "apply other filters to the most recent record within the report timeframe"

  • Add a filter for "survey" is not equal to "2022 annual" survey

  • This will show previous records which satisfy the not equal to "2022 annual" survey criteria, but are outside the most recent record domain.

  • There should be a way to select only the most recent records and then filter those records where "survey" is not equal to "2022 annual" survey to easly see what records do not yet have a current year survey assigned to them. Those are the leftover records that still need to be surveyed

The desired "most recent record" filtering behavior is currently functioning nicely within the send data module. Within that module a user can filter based on most recent record domain only without pulling previous records that also satisfy the filter criteria.

This send data module filtering behavior should have a way to be replicated within the edit CPDM module in a simple way without having to add complex logical filter operators and/or UDFs.

In V7 the send data module filtering and edit cpdm module filtering behavior were in alignment when a user selected "only the most recent record for each facility" option within the edit cpdm data module. This allowed a used to apply filters to ONLY the most recent record domain rather than other records that also met the filter criteria. This domain was fixed even for filtering based off of the "survey" attribute.

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  • Jul 26 2022
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