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DVM Serial number record per PCS reading

For calibration accountability there needs to be a way to record the DVM serial number for each PCS potential during a survey, to provide to the state inspectors. In larger companies there are multiple Allegro’s in use during an annual survey. There needs to be a way we can track what DVM, Tech, and Allegro, recorded the potential.  As of now the only way to do that is type it in the Technician field so it is copied to every read. A separate data point would be a cleaner way of collecting the data.

  • Theron D
  • Feb 4 2019
  • Planned
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  • Dustin K commented
    04 Feb 17:31

    Tying the DVM serial number to each read is crucial part of survey traceability.

  • Daniel Hamilton commented
    05 Feb 04:04

    It would be great to have this tied To the DVM serial number. This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen for change for the Allegro.  

  • Mark Carlile commented
    05 Feb 16:00

    We really do need to identify what specific unit is/was used for a specific survey and Tech

  • Admin
    David Gautier commented
    08 Mar 14:25

    Hi Theron-- Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we plan to do in a future release. We also plan to split out the DVM Calibration Date into a separate column so you can look for readings that were taken with a DVM that hasn't been calibrated in over 1-year.

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