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4010 and 4014 with 2 channels to be used to read Rectifier voltage over 5 VDC.

I seem to lose a lot of channels for one reason or another. It really costly to send in a unit to just replace one channel. Its nice to have all these channels that can be used for DC amps but what about having an extra channel to see DC volts? I know we can use another channel if the DC volts are below 5 VDC but is rare that will work with most Rectifiers. 

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  • Aug 10 2018
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    Alex Rodriguez commented
    6 Nov, 2018 10:33pm

     Hi Billy,

    A single high voltage analog channel is a limitation of the RM4010 and RM4014.  We have developed newer product, like the RM4150, to have more high voltage analog channels and we will be sure to develop future products with more high voltage analog channels.  In the meantime we have  a new product coming out in mid-November called SurgeFuse.  SurgeFuse is a fuse type device designed specifically for cathodic protection applications.  It sits between your rectifier outputs and your remote monitor inputs.  Should a surge event enter your system, SurgeFuse will take the damage instead of your RMU.  SurgeFuse can be replaced in a couple of minutes and the devices are at an economical prices.  I will send Paul a note to get in touch with you about this device.  Thank your for your feedback.

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