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The bullhorns when using the always off function, need to be as simple as sending the "always off" command then sending the "off" command. Right now it requires sending at least another additional "read on demand" command.

It will save time in the field when trying to do any testing. Sending commands from a phone is already sort of a pain. And when you need to send additional ones, depending on the time of day, they don't or wont go through. At times having them stack up in Que. Plus the additional cost for the additional packets... I am not sure how this will work. Seems easy enough. Have each packet automatically verify the change or something so the extra packets are not needed.

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  • Jun 19 2019
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    Alex Rodriguez commented
    21 Jun, 2019 09:46pm

    Thank you for submitting your idea. I would like to learn more about the issue. I will contact you to further discuss.

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