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Bridge be able to import mulitiple files at once

If AI can't give us multi-user import instead of the single queue then it would be good if the queue can be prioritized so field imports comes before email report/bridge import.

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  • Oct 3 2016
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  • Christopher Shawhan commented
    13 Jan, 2017 04:59pm


    We will still retain the import log for the Allegro file in path #1.

  • Christopher Shawhan commented
    12 Jan, 2017 05:08pm

    Initial discussion around this seems to show two opportunities.

    1. Similar to how subscriptions import Allegro files directly, apply that methodology to all field imports. This would mean that the Allegro import file is pushed directly into PCS and not queued at all. We expect this to expedite the field imports quite a bit. There may be future files (such as with images) that have to process through the queue, but the vast majority would load right in.

    2. Build out a prioritization option in PCS. This requires some more extensive discussion as we would have to consider items that are scheduled (email notifications, scheduled export bridges to other systems, etc) that may not want their priorities changed ad-hoc.

    If I have stated these options correctly, then is there a priority for developing one over the other? Thanks!

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