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Provide a description or note about an attached document/image in PCS and Allegro

When adding an attached document directly into PCS or capturing the image on the Allegro, I would like to add a specific comment or note related to that document. I will then want to display that on the data grid or a report.

  • Mike Young
  • Oct 3 2016
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  • Admin
    Christopher Shawhan commented
    January 19, 2018 19:32

    With the Axis 1.13 Image Management release, we provide for a 'Description' text to be added to each image associated with a record. We hope this answers the need expressed. As always, we look forward to feedback on our solutions. Thank you for your contribution.

  • Mike Young commented
    October 03, 2016 22:33

    We allow users to enter descriptions for links or embedded documents. Currently, the only place this is used in the attached documents management dialog. The users may desire later to label their pictures or documents when presented in forms or reports, or when exporting in the bridge. 

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