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Hierarchy Selection - Include more functionality to make line(s) selection easier.

Some possible additions: My favorite group selection option, Auto-select previous group selection, ability to define a group set, ability to filter down lines based on a particular subset of data (i.e. show me lines with only ACM data),

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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Kathy Coy commented
    April 20, 2017 14:22

    I like this idea and have a situation today where I had to manually select about 40 different ROW codes and I would like to be able to save that group to something like "2017 Audit".  Then in two days, when my boss asks for yet another report on the same facilities, I have the predefined group ready to go and don't have to reselect everthhing.

  • Kathy Coy commented
    April 20, 2017 19:37

    Rats, I knew it.  As soon as I changed my hierarchy selection to something, my boss just asked me for another audit report.  Attached the are the segments codes I have to re-select by hand.

  • Brian Hurley commented
    May 04, 2017 19:27

    I created a workaround for this issue by making a picklist UDF called "Favorites" in the Line Segmt and Pipeline group that can be viewed in data grid and line segment detail.  In line segment detail I add the line segments I want into "2017 Audit" for example.  Then, I can go into the data grid or reports and add the filter: "Favorites is equal to 2017 Audit."  The main problem with this is the amount of time it takes to filter the hierarchy to this grouping because you have to select all hierarchy folders that the line segments may be contained in.  Hope this helps.

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