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When using "Build Survey," it allows you to set the survey date. However, if you entered a read someplace else in the same session, when you actually enter in the read for the blank reads created in "build survey" it will change the inspection date to the last entered date instead of using the one I told it in "build survey.".

For Example, I open a SystemID and enter a read for today, and lets say "today" is 1/31.  Then I open another systemID and use "Build Survey" and set the inspection date to 1/29.  When I enter data in those blank reads, the date will automatically change to 1/31, because that was the last date I used in a previous system.  I don't understand why it is keeping that date instead of the date I tell it when I select "Build Survey."  Many times I have had to go through and change the dates for swathes of data because it refuses to accept the date I choose in "build survey."

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  • Feb 27 2017
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