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Create the option to allow the client machine to pick up what job services does, just as in a subscription.

I don't expect many operators or any PCS users with a single database will see a large need for this enhancement but I could be wrong.  I would like the option to allow the client machine to handle the functions of what job services does.  To ensure security and minimize the opportunity to ever co-mingle data from multiple clients, my company keeps separate databases for each client.  We do not allow any wiggle room there.  Unfortunately a side effect of that practice when using PCS is that we are required to install Job services for each new database to be able to import Allegro survey files, use the bridge or utilize any of the automated emailing/reporting.  The functionality I am requesting is already built in when the client pulls a subscription in a pub/sub configuration.  I would like the option to elect to have the client machine handle the functions of job services without having to checkout and checkin a subscription every time we want to import data from an Allegro.  

There is another work around of installing job services on each client and actively managing which users is connected to which database at any given time.  It requires users are diligent about manually stopping the service on their machine (the client) when they are finished importing data, etc.  This is also not the ideal setup and works with some difficulty, but it does work.    

  • Rob Floria
  • Jun 16 2017
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