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PCS Last Maintenance Details Field

Create a new facility information field that shows the Repair Corrected Date and Repair Code for the maintenance record with the most recent Repair Found Date. This would allow users to see the most recent maintenance details on an exception report.

Currently there is an inspection field that shows this information, but the Repair Found Date must match the Inspection Date for the field to populate. There is also a facility information field that shows only the most recent Repair Found Date, but no additional details.

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  • Aug 21 2018
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    David Gautier commented
    8 Mar, 2019 02:55pm

    Hi Steven-- Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we're actively working towards. The overall goal is to provide more insight into the life-cycle of your inspections and maintenance. We plan to accomplish this by allowing you to link a maintenance item to an inspection. Then, once the maintenance item is completed, you could link a follow-up inspection to that maintenance item. We think this will make it very clear when and why maintenance items are occurring. A major component of this is provide reports that let you easily show this information.

    We're also taking this a step further by rebranding maintenance items as events. The term "Maintenance" doesn't seem to apply to all of the functions that you guys are doing in the field. We want to give you the capability of classifying your events as Repairs, Follow-Ups, Updates, or any other user-definable buckets that you see fit.

    • Repairs: these would be where you are actually fixing a problem at your facility. Examples include replacing a part or painting a valve.
    • Follow-Up: this bucket would be used for things like out-of-criteria inspections or needing to follow up your interrupted survey with a depol survey.
    • Update: this pertains to information that needs to be updated in the PCS database. Could be that a shunt isn't correct or it's missing some of the activates required at that test point.
    • User-definable: You can create as many event types and customize them as you see fit. You could also re-caption any of the default event types that come with PCS.
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