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Implement again the word wrap we had in previous versions for column headings, and in doing this don't limit the column width.

Word wrap around in column headings would allow to reduce the column width without loosing the name of the column. As is designed now, reducing the column width to create more space may create unintentional errors. See attached file as illustration of reducing column width now; Rectifier data is not clear. Just an example.

This suggestion applies to all modules, not just CPDM.

NOTE: In the list of categories (pulldown below you need an option for ALL MODULES)

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  • Oct 29 2018
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  • David Gautier commented
    1 Feb, 2019 09:44pm

    Alberto-- thanks for the feedback. Those field names are indeed especially long with respect to rectifier facilities, namely Rectifier Output Shunt Reading Found. Above and beyond wrapping the column headers, would you be interested in having each row in the grid inherit the same height as the column header. For most fields, it would be unnecessary, but for memo type fields that could be very long (Inspection Remarks or Location Description), it would be valuable.

    I also appreciate you pointing out the categorization of our ideas site. We're currently rethinking the for buckets we've created and will change the categories once we finalize them. For now, know that any ideas that are being submitted will be considered across the entire application, unless they are very specific to a module.

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