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Interference/Influence data improvements using the Allegro. This idea has been discussed over and over and I think we've kind of given up on getting the support.

AI has a specific and unique Interference/Influence program feature on the RM 4010's, 4150's and the portable current interrupters which is being underutilized due to the complex methods required to import the data into a usable and understandable format. 3rd party contractors have been forced to use "work arounds" in order to collect, synchronize with GPS, identify involved current sources, data interpretation and storage for the regulated data being collected.

For the end users of AI products and software, we have limited resources for developing "work arounds". We purchased the tools and equipment from AI that are necessary to complete most of the work but those tools are incomplete! I'm talking about the remote monitors and portable current interrupters that include the AI/Envirosense Interference/Influence program, the PCS/CPDM database program and the continuous upgrades of the Allegro field data loggers. It doesn't seem to me to be too complicated for AI to make the tools work together.

The Allegro needs a program feature that can accomplish the following work which can greatly improve the individual use of the features that are sold to them by AI. The features need to include improvements as follows:

  1. The DVM program on the Allegro in the graph mode is limited to capturing a 60 second waveform. With up to 99 independent and unique interruption program cycles to set up and use, 60 seconds should be changed to unlimited depending on the users needs.
  2. The data being collected has specific cycles which can be very time consuming and difficult to decipher. Therefore a unique cycle is generally established in the "All On" cycle so that the start of the cycles can be manually established. Since the configurable and unique interruption program starts at the top of a particular minute, having the cycle start and synchronize with the GPS and automatically start when prompted and record a continuous cycle regardless of the time would be useful and lead to more end user owners using the program.
  3. Extracting and saving the data in a .txt file then importing it into an .xls program and creating a graph from the data is time consuming, then color coordinating and/or naming the data to know who is being interrupted takes quite a lot of work.

In my opinion, the PCS program needs to be improved and maybe even a new module included ( CPDM, ISM, ACM, ICM, Interference Influence Study Survey IISS) so that when selecting an Interference/Influence survey the cycle can be first identified (who, what, when and where) name, date, cycle length, number and names of participants) , the units that are included in the test and who they belong to, then, which cycle they are i.e; 1 of 10 or 1 of 99 or somewhere in between, then, a place to save and store and review the data.

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  • Mar 20 2017
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    Christopher Shawhan commented
    20 Jul, 2017 02:36pm

    Very good write-up of the obstacles in place. We are reviewing this among the various product groups and are working towards a solution. We will work towards a solution for this appearing in 2018. Thank you for the time on this one. Much appreciated.

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