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Intrinsically safe wireless voltmeter with direct connection into PCS

I would love to see an intrinsically safe Bluetooth (or wireless) standalone voltmeter that has a direct connection (through app or built into software) to input data straight into PCS. This voltmeter would allow me to use any portable device running PCS software (laptop, Surface pro, Allegro, mobile phone with AI data collection app, etc.) for capturing readings in the field.

The meter being standalone would allow me to bring my own data collection device. That would allow me to keep up with technology better since the data collection device could be updated to the minute, so long as it can run an app or software to communicate with the meter.

The direct connection would allow me to select a field in PCS, capture the reading, run other PCS processes, and sync... all within a couple of minutes (or even real-time when using an internet connection).

Being intrinsically safe would be an added benefit to allow me to survey permit-free in hot work areas when coupled with an intrinsically safe data collection device. In some cases the permitting process costs a lot of man-hours due to issuer and approver availability and location. Any wired connections on the meter would have to be considered in the design when making the meter intrinsically safe.

  • Ben Bussard
  • Nov 10 2017
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